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On my way Home 30 plus hours

So I woke up 5am New Zealand time (Monday) 1pm Athens time (Sunday) and started my journey home.  I drove to the airport and dropped of my car.  My first stop was Sydney for my first layover.  While in Sydney, I ran into the bass player for the Raconteurs (Jack Lawrence.)  Actually, he was on my flight too.  Unfortunately I missed the Victoria Secret model that was supposedly on the plane as well…just my luck. 😦

We headed to Dallas fo another stop, but we were delayed on the tarmac for some AC issue in Sydney.  When I finally got to Dallas, of course I missed my connector to Atlanta and had to re-book.  I took off around 4:30 and landed in Atlanta around 7:40.  I had to grab my bags and run to an awaiting shuttle to take me to Athens at 8:15.  I made it by the skin of my teeth.  I arrived in Athens at 9:45 and Aaron picked me up at the Holiday Inn and drove me home.  Finally, at 10pm Athens time I was home!  33 hours from start to finish!

So there you have it!  My trip to New Zealand from start to finish.  Hope you all enjoyed it.  I know that I did!




Last Day Part II

So I woke up Sunday morning with a little hang over.  I packed up all my stuff and was picked up by Nick.  We headed to Corner Bar for lunch.  While we were there, Simon and “the Bird Man” sat me down for my final interview.  We all had a few beers, lunch and then headed over to the rugby match.

We rooted for the home team (the Warriors), but unfortunately they lost.  I am understanding the game better now, but the best part was DONUT MAN!

After the match, Sam, Dave, Jyro, Nicki and I all went out for Indian food.  Same calls it Curry, but she is weird anyway.  Of course we all at too much, drank too much and then went out for more drinks.  Headed home around 11ish and Dave and I had a nice glass of Scotch.  It was going to be a big travel day tomorrow, so after one scotch, it was time for bed.

Last Day In New Zealand Part 1

I’m headed off to bed.  I will fill you in on my last day in about 24 hours or so!

Getting up at 5am to fly out at 8am.




The Road To Rotorua

I woke up early Saturday and took the three hour drive to Rotorua.  Rotorua is known for it’s Maori culture, geothermal experiences, and great sight seeing and mountain biking.  I wondered around the town for a bit, grabbed some lunch at two different places and then headed to the Gondola and luge ride.

When I got there I bought the Gondola ride up with the luge ride down.  The lady at the counter told me that because it was my first ride down on the luge, I had to take the easy scenic route down…yea right.  I headed up the gondola and then got into the line for the luge.  Of course I got into the line that said second time riders and headed down the advanced track.  That was fast and fun.  What a rush!

I headed back to town to go find some geothermal activity and take some pictures.  I had a Pilsner at the local brew pub that was quite nice and then headed back to my home turf in Ponsonby.

I had a great dinner at Ponsonby Bistro and then headed to Mia Culpa for two Old Fashions.  These guys really know how to mix a cocktail!  After my drinks, I headed back to the house.  I need to get up early and pack and then head to my last event, a rugby game on Sunday!

One Last Day, One last Brew

So today was my last day at Boundary road Brewery. 😦  The good part was that Trevor and I brewed a big fat Oatmeal Stout!  I’m calling it “Black Sand Stout” for the black sand beaches in New Zealand.  The starting gravity is 19.8*P so it’s gonna be a big one.  I also talked Trevor into adding some coffee after fermentation and aging.  I’ll be long gone, but I shure would like to try this one!

After the brew, I did one more interview for the video crew.  I said my good byes and drove off into the sunset.  I really had an awesome time brewing and hanging out with everyone at the brewery.

I headed home and showered up and a bunch of us went out to dinner.  Sam and Dave, Gillian and Alex, Nicki, Johnathan and Jyro.  We did some damage on some great Shiraz and then headed to Golden Dawn for one, Lime for another and then Bonita for a night cap.  Me, Sam and Dave came home and opened a bottle of Glen Morangie Quinte Rubon and now I am more than done.

Nighty Nite.



Interview with the Herald and Lunch with the Boys

So, I got work today just in time for the interview with the Herald reporter.  We talked about how Terrapin got started, how I was chosen as the Resident and all things beer.  After the interview and a quick tour of the pilot brewery, Ben and a bunch of the guys from the brewery all took me out to lunch at a local Irish bar called Murphy’s Law.  I took a fancy to the cute blonde bartendress named Samantha and we all had a few pints and a great lunch.

After work I headed home and took a quick power nap.  Sam and I headed out to The Gypsy Tea Room to meet Nicki for a quick drink and then we all headed over to Delicious for a great Italian meal.  We must have been having too good of a time because a couple one table away from us got up and left the restaurant before ordering.  You really don’t need to know what we were talking about. ;).  After dinner, Sam and I headed over to Julep for a night cap (two Sazeracs.)  We walked home and then it was time for my blog and then bed.  I need to be up early tomorrow for my last day of work and to brew the “Black Sand” Imperial Oatmeal Stout.  I can’t believe that it’s almost over. 😦



Brewing the Pilsner on the Big System

I went into work today and Trevor and I had to do some last minute taste testing on the pilsner and the dry hop samples we took yesterday.  We decided to go with Pacifica and Hallertau Aroma for the resident Pilsner.  The brew went into the mash tun at about 3:30pm and all things seemed to go as planed.  I will get an early taste test tomorrow.  We also nailed down the final recipes for the IPA and Red Rye on the big system.  Those two will go in next week.

After work I headed home and went to Nando’s for some yummy chicken.  I saw Sam walking home and we headed back to the house together.  We decided to open a bottle of wine and look at stupid You Tube videos.  Sam’s friend Nicki came by and told us about her date with a cop she met.  We all continued to drink wine and look at Sam’s Facebook pictures and some dating site called Pink Sofa.  (Just Google it)  So now just doing my blog and headed to bed.  I’ve got an interview with a local reporter at 10am tomorrow.