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A Big Night out

May 10, 2012

I got picked up this morning and headed over to the ad agency rental car dealers that is doing the campaign for the resident.  It was a very cool building and it seemed like everyone there was really in tune to their job and was happy to see who the heck this spike guy was.

Nick walked me over to the car rental place and then the game was on!  I quickly learned that I was supposed to drive on the left side of the road.  Oh boy what fun that was.  I arrived at the brewery and of course the film crew wanted to shoot me coming in and being introduced to Trevor the head brewer.  After some video shooting Trevor and I finally sat down and did some recipe formulations for the up coming brews.  We are going to start with the red rye tomorrow morning after my radio interview with a local station.

After I left the brewery me and my house mates all went out to dinner at a local french restaurant.  We had a blast!  After dinner Ingrid and Sam and I went out for a night-cap.  I came home, wrote my blog and now bed.


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  1. Robert Kwon permalink

    Spike! Looks like you’re having a blast! Still trying to make the trip work and will know for sure by this weekend. Keep it up and REPRESENT!

  2. Sam permalink

    Great photo Spikey! Great night out too. Sorry for the lack of beer, cheap French wine and twisted bourbon.

  3. Excellent Spike!.. soo whats up with the accordion dude?

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